This is the the collection of information for my first field study in LTT. The focus of the inquiry is whether the use of blogs in the classroom will benefit student learning. In addition to adding the artifacts here I am also keeping a blog on the process as part of my general LTT blog on edublogs - the site address is as follows:

Initial Field Study Documents:

The first document in the list is my Field Study Inquiry. This is the outline of my Inquiry and how I plan on implementing it in my classroom throughout the course of the first term of the school year. I am hoping that I will be able to continue this process in my classroom long after the end of my first field study in LTT.

The second document that I have added to my Field Study Inquiry page is the survey that I am planning to use as the baseline data for the Field Study. This survey may still need some additions, however, it will hopefully give me some idea as to the technological proficiency of my students. I am planning on transferring the findings into a graph format for use in my final presentation.

Thirdly I have included the first lesson in a unit that I am preparing on media literacy. This is the first step in my Field Study as, during this assignment the students will be required to create their own IGoogle page complete with a Google Docs application and a RSS Reader. These will allow me to encourage my students in blogging as they will be able to view all of the new posts from their colleagues and others.

The last document in this initial series for my Field Study is the draft of the letter that I am planning to send home to parents. This document is still a draft and therefore there are likely to be changes to this as well. I am planning on using the site to encourage my students to blog and in order to inform parents and recieve their permission for their child to post content onto the web I have written this letter.

I ended up having to use due to the various permissions associated with (13 and over only). The letter was thus altered and is included below.

Below are some sources of information that I am utilising as part of my on-going field study into using blogging within the classroom. I plan on adding additional resouces and articles as I become aware of them througout the cousre of my field study.

Blogging in Plain English


Field Study Documents:

As my field study has taken shape it has been important for me to develop new resources and documents for my students to use within the classroom as a means to achieving the aims of my field study. The list of documents below falls under that category. I have written these, with the help of other sources for ideas and information, during my field study.

The first document was one that was adapted from a post on It deals with the various guidelines that I want my students to follow when blogging. Basically it outlines a code of responsibility for posting information on the net - hopefully helping to make my students socially responsible net users. The first document was closely scrutinized by my school's administration who were reluctant to let me use it in such a format due to vague guidelines. The second document is the revised version.

This is the revised version of the guidelines my class is following:

The second document is a list of hints on how to create effective blog posts that people will want to read. The purpose of having my students blog, aside from sharing their ideas, is to have them recieve feedback on their posts and in doing so, hopefully improve the quality of their writing. This document was adapted from a post by Sue Waters on

Article Responses:

Another facet of our LTT Field Study was to gather relevant articles and other information in order to better inform our practice and the implementation of technology into our classrooms. The following documents are my responses to the various articles that helped, in conjunction with other websites and information, to inform and educate me on the implementation of blogging in the classroom.

Field Study Summary Documentation:

The following documents are the summary of my learning from my first Field Study in LTT. They show how I executed my field study and how I developed as both a teacher and a learner througout the focused inquiry.

The first document is the written summary of my field study, dealing with the question of whether the use of blogging, in conjunction with the 6+1 Traits of Writing Program, would actively improve student achievement. The document contains all of the information on the procedure of my field study as well as data sources, findings and conclusions. There is also a short bibliography of all of the sources that influenced the direction and learning in my field study. I did include some initial learning statements in this document but they were later revised.

Before I get to my learning statements I am also going to insert my presentation video into this wiki. The video was uploaded to YouTube, but due to issues surrounding copyright on the audio tracks there is no sound with this version of the presentation.

The second document is the presentation of my Learning Statements from the First Field Study conducted from September 09-December 09. This is in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. It discusses in some detail the three learning statements that I had over the course of the study, how this will influence my teaching, and the inspiration and sources of this learning among other things.

The third document is the revised program capacities for LTT - indicating my growth as a learner since the start of the program. The original program capacities that I completed at the start of the course in January 2009 have been maintained and the new data has been added to this.